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Other tips for staying safe

  • Talk to someone. Don’t be alone with these feelings. There are people out there wanting to help and who know how to make things better. Click here for a list of support people.

  • Avoid drinking and using drugs. Even though this might feel like a short-term escape, it will probably make you feel worse and less safe.

  • Stay in touch. It’s important to keep seeing your mates and hanging out. Even if you may not feel like it at first, chances are that after an hour of hanging out, you might feel better that you did.

  • Go back to basics. Focus on getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, and doing some exercise. Focus on getting a stable routine in place. Try getting up at the same time every day, having regular meal times, and (if you don’t have school, study or work) planning some activities to do – even if they are just activities to do at home – nothing like a good spring clean to feel like you’ve achieved something.

  • Take time to express yourself. Allow yourself everyday a bit of time to be alone in a safe space where you can express your feelings. Listen to music, draw, write a letter or keep a diary. Afterwards, move out of that space, maybe have a shower or make something to eat and then do something else.