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I want to break up

I want to break up, but my partner is cutting themselves, feeling low or is suicidal 

  • Focus on getting them some support before you leave. Encourage them to talk to the people they trust or a counsellor. They can’t just rely on you

  • If they don’t want to talk to anyone, this means YOU have to tell an adult - even if you have promised not to say anything. This may seem harsh but their safety has to come first. Your partner might be angry at first, but know in your heart you are doing the right thing to protect them.

  • Once you have done this, then you don’t feel like you have to stay in the relationship until they are okay again. You have to take care of yourself too

  • Beware of being manipulated. Some people will make threats they don’t mean because they want to control you. Click here for some of the warning signs for being in an emotionally abusive relationship and how to get help.

  • Either way, when you are going through this, it is important to get support too and not feel alone with it. Call Youthline to talk.    


Who can I contact for help?


  • Remember, if your worried about their safety right now, contact 111

  • Somebody in your whanau (parents, aunty or uncle, grandparents, or somebody else you trust)
  • Somebody in their whanau
  • A counsellor at your school
  • Your youth group leader
  • Your youth worker or social worker
  • Youthline