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Alcohol and you

Before you drink there's some stuff you should know.

Before you drink there's some important information you should know. 

You've got big plans ahead relaxing with your mates. Chances are alcohol will be on offer. Help yourself handle alcohol better by using these tips:

  • Eat before you party, and while you party.

  • Eating slows the rate alcohol gets absorbed into your body.

  • Kick-off partying with a non-alcoholic drink.

  • Pace yourself. Spread your drinks over time. Try not to throw them back to back like there's no tomorrow.

  • Drink both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Ideally one for one.

  • Have lots of water while you're drinking and as much as you can stomach before you go to sleep. That way you'll avoid the dry horrors. If you are dancing you'll dry out faster, so keep up the water.

  • And remember- it's okay to not drink at all! No one can make decisions for you, and true friends will respect the choices you make.

    It’s important to let your caregivers know where you are when you’re drinking.

  • If you choose to drink alcohol – drink with people you know and trust.

  • Have a sober driver organised or someone who can collect you from the party.

  • If you’re stuck at a party and want to go home but also don’t want friends to know you want to leave – have a code word with the person collecting you which means they get you straight away no questions asked.

What are we drinking?

Most Kiwis drink Beer, Wine, RTD’s and Spirits.

  • Beer contains around 5% alcohol

  • Wine contains approximately 12% 

  • RTD(Ready To Drinks) contain anywhere from 4-9% alcohol... did you know many RTDs contain large amounts of sugar and caffeine?

  • Spirits can be up to 40% alcohol.

Did you know that New Zealander's spend $85 million a year on alcohol alone? (Interesting huh... Especially as we only have a population of 4 million!) 

How much are Kiwi teen’s drinking?

According to the Youth ’12 Survey, a study of high school teens conducted by the University of Auckland:

  • 57% of students have tried alcohol

  • 45% of students currently use alcohol

  • 8% of students drink on a weekly basis

  • 23% of students report binge drinking