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Moving cities

A new city

Moving cities can be really hard. Leaving your friends, school, or family is never easy!

It’s normal to have worries about moving. Some common worries people have about moving away are...

What if I can’t make new friends?

  • What if my old friends keep in touch with me?

  • How am I going to stay in touch with family?

  • What if I don’t like it?

Some things to remember...

  • Stay in touch. With social networking sites, cheap calling/texting plans and Skype you can keep in touch with people as often as you like!

  • Making new friends can be worrying at first. Check out local Meet Up sites, events and happenings in your area, or volunteer locally are all good ways to meet new friends.
  • It’s okay to feel lonely at times. Click here for tips on dealing with loneliness.
  • Keep doing what you love. If you used to play sports, do drama or play music, join the local team/group. That way you might meet some people straight off the mark that are interested in the same things as you.
  • Know it gets easier. You may find with so many changes at once, that you don’t like your new school, dorm, or classes at university. Firstly, make sure you give it a good go. The first few weeks might be a bit rough as you try to adjust to making friends and settling in, but remember that for most people this phase will pass.

  • Work out what the problem is. If you’re at a new school and still miserable after a few weeks, then try work out what’s making you feel stink, so you can explain how your feeling to your caregiver. Is it the teachers? Is it the other students? Is it the rules of the school? When you can figure this out, you can talk to your parents/guardian who can help you to figure out what your next step might be. Even if it’s not moving schools, simply changing class might fix the problems you’ve been having.