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Youthline offers free healthcare for a full year

Youthline is thrilled to continue offering young people free healthcare after a successful pilot.

In late 2014, Youthline was very fortunate to collaborate with Health Connections to provide a free health clinic in Auckland Central for three months.

Visitors who were under 25 years old and involved with Youthline received general health checks, testing, prescriptions and onward referrals on Monday afternoons.

The pilot was a huge success for Youthline, and it is thrilled to secure funding from Baxter Foundation International and support from Baxter Auckland to keep the clinic running for the full year.

A young person who used the clinic said:

 “I normally find that doctors hurry through and do not really care, but the Youthline Youth Health Service staff were really approachable, awesome and caring.

“They got to the heart of the issue but also took time to talk about other health concerns.”

The pilot emerged because while there were youth specific health services in North, West and South Auckland, there was a gap in Auckland Central where Youthline has a strong community presence.

Recent studies have identified that in comparison to other age groups, young people have higher rates of mental illness, alcohol and drug use/abuse, suicide/suicide attempts, and sexually transmitted infections.

And, while potentially at the peak of their health, young people more likely to engage in risk taking behaviours which can impact negatively on their health long term.

Youthline is well aware of the barriers that exist for young people accessing health services. Given its youth centred development approach, its understanding of youth health issues and its engagement with large numbers of young people, extending its One Stop Shop model to include a youth health service has been a long-time dream and goal.


Youthline Youth Health Service
Wednesday 3-6pm
Youthline Auckland Central – 13 Maidstone Street, Ponsonby
Contact ph 361 4168 or free text ‘f2f’ to 234