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Changing Lives

8 October, 2013

Do you know 16 or 17 year olds not in education training or employment? Or at risk of not being engaged?

There are many decisions to be made as a young person, do you stay at school? join the workforce? or start a training course. Knowing what is the right option can be a challenge when there are so many questions to be answered.

Youthline Youth Service supports 16 -17 year olds in Central Auckland, North Shore and Rodney who are Not in Education, Training or Employment or who are at risk of not engaging in these.

Youth Service is an initiative of the Ministry of Social Development and aimed to enhance the wellbeing and outcomes for young people through a focus on education and employment.

Youthline Auckland’s Project Manager says “Whether young people are struggling to stay engaged in school or education or finding the transition from school difficult, Youthline are here to help.”

Youthline’s dedicated Youth Workers support young people to develop the best option for education, training or work-based learning that will help them build skills, further their education or find a job and develop a career.

At 16, James* was referred to Youthline’s Youth Service and presented with some mental health issues which had occurred resulted from having a traumatic background due to gang connections in the family and the loss of his father at a young age.

James, like a lot of young people just needed some guidance. He is very bright and after working with a Youthline youth coach, alongside other mental health support services, he showed an interest in studying medicine as a potential career path.

With the support of his youth coach, James was able to get access to the youth benefit and get into the New Zealand careers college health certificate course and he is doing well.

*name changed


Supporting young people using youth development principles is what Youthline Youth Service focuses on and enables the young person to develop as a whole .

Using a personalised approach tailored for each individual, Youthline offers a wrap around service that links young people into other supports and work with other community organisations, such as health services, to ensure all their needs are met in addition to education and employment.

Many youth who come to Youthline Youth Service have left school with not enough level 1 or 2 credits; Youthline can also link them with foundation courses that bring their literacy, numeracy and other skills towards obtaining at least a level 2 qualifications.

To refer a young person or for more information contact us: